Stealth tracking, double-agents, and de-bugging gone horribly wrong

Ultrasonic Beacons Are Tracking Your Every Movement
More than 200 Android mobile applications listen surreptitiously for ultrasonic beacons embedded in audio that are used to track users and serve them with targeted advertising. |

[Comment]. SilverPush continues to be installed in apps with millions of downloads. What is most worrisome is that the google requires that developers “disclose how an app collects, uses and shares user data, including the types of parties with whom it’s shared.” Want a more in-depth view? The research paper is available.

‘Crazy bad’ bug in Microsoft’s Windows malware scanner can be used to install malware
Critical update for security engine rushed out the door. | the

[Comment] Say it isn’t so – if Microsoft’s Malware Protection Engine scans a specially crafted file it can allow remote code execution (ironic). Thankfully, Microsoft moved quickly on this with an emergency update. Another ‘win’ for Project Zero.

Beware! Built-in Keylogger Discovered In Several HP Laptop Models
Security researchers discover built-in keylogger in the Conexant High-Definition pre-installed on several Hewlett-Packard (HP) laptop models. |

[Comment] Why does an audio driver need a key logger? Key strokes recorded and left in cleartext in a file on the device? It smacks of pre-installed spyware.
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